About Therapix Biosciences — Company Overview

Therapix Biosciences Ltd. (NASDAQ: TRPX) is a specialty clinical-stage pharma­ceu­tical company led by an experi­enced team of Senior Executives and Scientists. Our focus is creating and enhancing a portfolio of technolo­gies and assets based on cannabi­noid pharma­ceu­ti­cals.

With this focus, the company is currently engaged in the following drug devel­op­ment programs based on repur­posing an FDA-approved cannabi­noid (Dronabinol): THX-110 for the treat­ment of Tourette syndrome (TS), for the treat­ment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), and the treat­ment of Pain; THX-130 for the treat­ment of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI); THX-150 for the treat­ment of infec­tious diseases; and THX-160 for the treat­ment of pain.

We have four clinical programs to treat under­served central nervous system disor­ders

THX-110: A drug candi­date platform for the treat­ment of symptoms related to Tourette syndrome (TS), as well as Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and chronic pain.

The THX-110 program takes a unique approach to cannabi­noid formu­la­tion using the “Entourage Effect” hypoth­esis (i.e. in which Endocannabinoid system constituents work syner­gis­ti­cally together). THX-110 is a propri­etary combi­na­tion drug based on dronabinol and PEA. PEA is a cannabi­noid mimetic lipid molecule, which naturally occurs in various plant and animal sources.

THX-130: An “Ultra Low-Dose” THC targeting the high value and unserved market of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), using a unique and propri­etary drug devel­op­ment and delivery dosage platform.

THX-150: A drug candi­date intended for the treat­ment of infec­tious diseases. It consists of a selected antibac­te­rial agent, with THC or a combi­na­tion of THC and PEA, to poten­tially exert antimi­cro­bial synergy.

THX-160: An innov­a­tive and propri­etary CB2 receptor agonist formu­la­tion intended for the treat­ment of pain. This specific CB2 receptor agonist was synthe­sized by Professor Raphael Mechoulam, Ph.D.