Privacy Policy


This privacy policy governs your use of Therapix Biosciences Ltd’s (“Therapix”) website located at (the “Website”) and is incor­po­rated by refer­ence to the terms of service of the Website which can be found at: Terms of Service. This privacy policy explains the practices that apply to the infor­ma­tion that you provide or that may be gener­ated by your use of the Website.

We at Therapix take your online privacy very seriously hence:

We do NOT track your online activ­i­ties or browsing habits.

You decide, if and when, to provide us with personal infor­ma­tion about yourself.

The personal infor­ma­tion you choose to provide to us will not be shared with others.

We will not spam you.

These highlights of Therapix’s privacy policy are provided for conve­nience only. For the complete and binding privacy policy of Therapix please read the entire document below.

For your conve­nience below are the major issues covered in this privacy policy:

  • The Privacy Philosophy of Therapix.
  • Submission and Collection of Information.
  • E‑mail addresses and unsubscribing.
  • Communication with Therapix.
  • How is the Material Being Used?
  • Changes to this Privacy Policy.

The Privacy Philosophy of Therapix

Your privacy is impor­tant to us and we at Therapix have chosen to under­take strict safeguards to protect your privacy, and we strive to meet and exceed industry standards. We welcome any comments and sugges­tions for improve­ment at:

Submission and Collection of Information

While using the Website, you may choose to provide person­ally Identifiable Information about yourself such as name, addresses and/or e‑mail addresses (“Personally Identifiable Information”).

You may submit Personally Identifiable Information either through forms on the Website which you can correct, modify or delete before you choose to submit or through email commu­ni­ca­tion. Personally Identifiable Information does not include infor­ma­tion that is collected anony­mously (i.e., without identi­fi­ca­tion of the individual user) or demographic infor­ma­tion not connected to an identi­fied individual.

In addition, Non-Personally Identifiable Information may be provided by you or may be gener­ated by your mere use of Website and/or email communication.

Your Non-Personally Identifiable Information may also include standard internet commu­ni­ca­tions automat­i­cally sent by your computer. This infor­ma­tion may include: the type of browser, the type of operating system; Internet protocol addresses (including any host name or geographic infor­ma­tion associ­ated with these addresses); and infor­ma­tion related to your computer system configuration.

In some cases, if you decide not to provide certain infor­ma­tion from certain forms on the Website (e.g. email address), you may not be able to complete the applic­able process.

E‑mail addresses and unsubscribing

You may be asked to provide your email address in order to enable Therapix to send you, from time to time, via email commu­ni­ca­tion, news and updates about its products.

If you wish, at any time, to remove your email address from any of Therapix’s mailing lists, you may unsub­scribe by an email to:

For your conve­nience, email commu­ni­ca­tions from Therapix contain instruc­tions explaining how to unsub­scribe from the email mailing lists of Therapix.

Communication with Therapix

Therapix does not want to receive any confi­den­tial, secret or propri­etary infor­ma­tion and material from you through the Website and/or in any other way. Any infor­ma­tion or material submitted or sent to Therapix, will be deemed not to be confi­den­tial or secret. By submit­ting or sending documents, infor­ma­tion or other material (“Material”) to Therapix you (1) warrant that you have no rights of any kind to the Material; that to the best of your knowl­edge no other party has any rights to the Material; (2) grant Therapix an unrestricted, irrev­o­cable license to use, repro­duce, display, perform, modify, transmit and distribute the Material, and you further agree that Therapix is free to use any ideas, know-how, concepts or techniques you send for any purpose.

How is the Material Being Used?

The Material is used to operate and improve the Website; to commu­ni­cate with you and respond to your inquiries and to conduct research about your use of the Website.

Your Personally Identifiable Information will not be shared with third parties unless you have consented to the sharing of such infor­ma­tion. Your infor­ma­tion may be accessed and disclosed if required by legal procedures.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Therapix may occasion­ally update this privacy policy to reflect changes in its Website and other practices.

Therapix encourage you to period­i­cally review this privacy policy and other legal documents of Therapix, to be informed of the privacy practices and terms of service of the Website (the “Legal Terms”). At all times, the latest versions of the Legal Terms will be published on this page and shall be binding and super­sede any other versions. Your continued use of the Website following such posting of changes consti­tutes your accep­tance of any such changes. You can review and are encour­aged to check, from time to time, the most current version of this privacy policy on this page.